Letter of Gratitude by the Unsinkable Molly Brown Aboard the S.S. Carpathia

This letter was written aboard the S.S. Carpathia on April 16, 1912 by three female survivors of the Titanic disaster. The letter is a resolution expressing appreciation to the crew of the Carpathia for their actions. The top signatory on the letter is Margaret Brown, better known as “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”.

The letter reads:

We, the lady passengers wish to express to the captain and officers, doctors and crew of the Carpathia our grateful appreciation of their tender kindness, courtesy, and generosity after a night of grief over the loss of fathers, husbands, sons, and brothers who in their fine gallantry and chivalry sacrificed themselves to make our escape and rescue possible. To their memory, we can only make too fitting tribute.

For the woman survivors,

Margaret Brown

Mrs. William Blanchett

Mrs. George W. Stone.

(Photo credit: Antiques Roadshow Episode #1419 Chicago, IL 10/05/1996)