Young Girl’s Returned Letter to Her Father Who Died on the Titanic

This letter was written by young May Louise McMurray and sent on April 13, 1912 to her father William, a steward on the Titanic. William was killed in the disaster and the letter never made it to him. It was returned to young May Louise.

The letter reads:

Dear Father

It seems ages since I last seen you. I wish we where in Southampton with you it is very lonely without you Dear Father I have not been so very well I have had a a [sic] bad throat hoping I will soon get better for Mama worries so much little Ernie as not been so well but he as got better now hoping you are keeping well dada so ta love from Ivy and Ernie thank dada for the presents love from all dada hoping to see you soon with love from Ivy and May and Ernie xxxxxxxxxx kisses for dada x

Dada this is my first letter

(Image source: Merseyside Maritime Museum)